Senior SW Reverse Engineer, Tampere

Senior SW Reverse Engineer, Tampere

Want to crack open that black box and find out how things really work? Are you a systematic problem solver who loves to constantly improve practices and do things better? This job might be just for you!

At Sasken we work with variety of digital services and product engineering projects across the whole stack. Quite literally: Our services include HW design, low-level/embedded SW, middleware and applications.


As a Senior SW Reverse Engineer, your playground would be to reverse engineer, analyse and test various software components and products and determine their internal behaviour. A key aspect of this job is to improve practices, tools and test setups for the whole team. To succeed in this role, you need a solid coding and debugging skills to understand the source code and to develop various testing setups.  Your professional background could be that of a coder/developer or from various testing related roles. A broad understanding about mobile platforms and various wireless connectivity protocols is beneficial. You are able to read and understand detailed documentation and produce reports in form of written material. An open, innovative mind and patience is a must in this role in order to come up new ways of working and perfect them into go-to practices.

In this role, you will be working as part of an expert team collaborating with team members and external stakeholders. Your typical working week most likely would include reverse engineering, coding test scripts, testing and reporting tasks, as well as developing internal practices for example by finding new tools or ways of carrying out the tasks. The work is quite independent, but you will be collaborating closely with all team members on daily basis.


To succeed in this role, you have:
•    Coding skills with Java, C++, C
•    Scripting experience for tools and tests with JS/Python, shell-scripts
•    Experience on tools such as IDA/Frida, Ghidra or from your own preferred tools
•    Experience and knowhow to work with Linux
•    Experience on Android architecture as well as development and debugging tools (Android Studio/ADB, bug reports )
•    Proactive attitude with passion to “do-things-better” and drive improvement of tools and practices
•    Good written and verbal communication skills in English


Following attributes and skills are considers as a huge plus:
•    Prior experience on mobile platform development or testing
•    Experience with working and capturing  different kind of wireless- and communication protocols, such as Wi-Fi, BT, HTTP, TCP/IP etc.
•    Hacking, MITM 


Please send your CV and your application (including your salary expectations) directly to jobs dot finland @ sasken dot com