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Jani Turpeinen

Jani Turpeinen

Director, SW

+358 50 359 1406

Mikko Keskilammi

Dr. Mikko Keskilammi

Director, HW

+358 40 700 9296

We offer you interesting, versatile and challenging projects in the field of new technology. With us you will get an opportunity to create something new and innovative. You will be warmly welcomed by our international and skilled team. We have flexible working hours and passionate employees. We provide an environment where people grow their experience and build rewarding careers. We are continually looking for new talent!

Send your Application with salary request and CV to jobs.finland (a)

At the moment we are looking for:

Electronics Engineer, Kaustinen

We are looking for Electronics Engineers to join the HW team in Kaustinen, Finland.

  • As the R&D Engineer your main tasks consists of designing and testing electronics products in varying Customer projects from concepting through productisation all the way to the manufacturing support and production testing.
  • We are expecting you to have good communication and team working skills to be able to work in our international work environment. Fluent written and spoken English is required.
  • You are spontaneous, responsible and customer service oriented. You have proactive approach to work with focus on the solution and curiosity towards new technologies and innovations.
  • You should have a qualification from the field of electronics, preferably B.Sc. or M.Sc. level. Hobbies related to electronics or software coding would be an advantage.

For more information please contact Resource and Competence Manager Mikko Keskilammi, mikko.keskilammi (a), +358 40 700 9296.

Embedded Software Engineer, Kaustinen

We are looking for a professional Embedded Software Engineer to execute complete embedded software development lifecycle. As a part of Sasken Kaustinen team, embedded software engineer will be supporting co-located hardware engineers but also interfacing between local hardware-team and off-site software developers.


  • Designing and implementing software of embedded devices and systems from requirements to production and commercial deployment
  • Designing, developing, testing and debugging embedded systems software
  • Analyzing and enhancing efficiency, stability and scalability of system resources
  • Support sales operations in quotation phase of embedded systems projects
  • Integrate and validate new product designs
  • Interface with hardware design and development


  • Proven working experience in software engineering over years
  • Solid programming experience in C and C++
  • MS or BS degree in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science
  • Experience in hands-on development and troubleshooting on embedded targets
  • Preferably experience in embedded systems design with pre-emptive, multitasking real-time operating systems
  • Familiarity with software configuration management tools, defect tracking tools and peer review
  • Excellent knowledge of OS coding techniques, serial-protocols, SW/HW-interface and hardware subsystems
  • Basic knowledge of reading schematics and data sheets for components
  • Ability to work both as a part of team and independently
  • Fluent spoken and written English

For more information please contact Project Manager Marko Perälä, marko.perala (a), +358 50 444 6634.

Back End / Front End / Cloud Services Developer, Tampere

We are looking for an experienced SW developer for front end and backend solutions as well as cloud based solutions. Deep and versatile understanding and experience on database related server solutions (MySQL, Oracle DB or similar) is essential. Fluent spoken and written English is required.

Deep understanding and experience on technologies, tools and special expertise needed to succeed in the projects:

  • Java, Scala, C# / .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails
  • Spring MVC, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Backbone.js, Node.js, Angular.js, jQuery
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • JUnit, Robot Framework, Selenium, Jenkins
  • Responsive UI
  • Cloud services

Experience in game development, location based applications and/or augmented reality is highly appreciated.

For more information please contact Director, SW Jani Turpeinen jani.turpeinen (a), +358 50 359 1406.

Mobile Application Developer, Tampere

You are an experienced mobile application developer with an enthusiastic attitude, always looking for new and innovative ways to improve and develop mobile applications as well as your own expertise. You value both small and long term product programs equally. Experience on leading SW mobile application development projects is a huge plus. Fluent spoken and written English is required.

Deep understanding and experience on platforms, technologies and special expertise needed to succeed in the projects:

  • Android, iOS, Windows 10
  • JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Cordova/PhoneGap, Ionic, React Native
  • Rich UI - Video/Audio, 3D graphics

For more information please contact Director, SW Jani Turpeinen jani.turpeinen (a), +358 50 359 1406.

Other positions

You can also call or email contact persons on software and hardware lines directly. On software line your contact person is Jani Turpeinen and on hardware side you can contact Mikko Keskilammi. All emails are

What We Do Here Besides Work
Pool table

Pool table is in frequent use. We organize regular tournaments, which have been very popular. There will always be someone to play with.

Golf tournament

Many of us are enthusiastic golfers. Sasken Finland has an annual Sasken Golf Tournament, which has previously been held in Golf Pirkkala and Nokia River Golf.

Other stuff
  • Wii & XBox
  • Mini golf
  • Annual parties
  • Team events
  • Project recreation evenings
  • Sporting tickets
  • Health care
  • Friday buns
  • Futsal and floorball teams
Working at Sasken

Here's what our employees have to say about working at Sasken in Tampere and Kaustinen. Our Tampere office employs software development professionals and Kaustinen hardware development professionals in the area of RF, BB, antenna, audio and mechanics.

Aki, Senior Antenna Designer, Kaustinen
Senior Antenna Designer

My brother was already working at Sasken when I joined in January 2003. My first job at Sasken was to make RF measurements, but later I moved over to antenna technologies and I became the first antenna designer at Sasken.  The best thing about working at Sasken is the people I work with, they are as good as they come; and we have a very flexible work time policy, enabling me to take time off when needed. In every project there is something new, requiring a new solution. Work is always varying, sometimes it is designing a product from scratch, when there is a need for lots of interaction with the mechanics and RF teams to projects where there is a need to improve antenna performance or fine tune to specific frequencies, involving more testing in our antenna chamber.

Marko, Project Manager, Tampere

I joined Sasken in November 2008 because I was willing to learn working in Mobile software development domain in multi-site projects. I had a long history in embedded software domain for local customers so joining Sasken was an excellent opportunity for me. I'd say I've met my goal since I've been involved in dozens of both multi-site and single site projects of different sizes and durations.

I started as a Lead Engineer where my earlier managerial experience was nicely coupled with hands-on software development work. From late 2010 I've been working as a Project Manager and reporting manager for a team of 10-20 engineers.

I've been privileged to work in a wide range of projects. Basically, I've seen everything from low-level embedded HW-related C-coding to mobile application development. Customers are from various countries, including countries in Asia, which gives more perspective to different working and business cultures as well.

The best about Sasken is the team of highly talented engineers combined with great humour doing miracles together. The best experiences at work are from projects where the team has grown during a project to the extent that also the customer praises the team's performance. In addition, there are also great memories of recreational events like grilling sausage on sauna-ferry while the sun was setting. That's just one of those moments you remember the rest of your life.

Jussi, Senior Mechanics Designer, Kaustinen

I enjoy working at Sasken because ever since joining in January 2007, I have been continuously learning. Every new project is unique or special in some way and this means that I am able to take what I have learnt from the previous projects and use this to adapt to the challenges of the new project.

We are also involved in the whole product process from industrial design to final part approval and manufacturing support, which means that there are plenty of opportunities to travel and meet the different vendors that manufacture the final product.

Minna, Concept Designer, Tampere

I’ve been working at Sasken from 2006. I was recruited to develop our intranet, but soon I was involved in other design work as well, such as recruitment ads for newspapers, icon design and UI design. At first my work was marketing related but later I moved to project work. I’ve had the chance to participate in many different kinds of projects from just drawing a couple of icons for project in a day to designing and concepting new and innovative UI’s in a project that lasted nearly two years. I’ve designed for mobile, web and print. I’ve done wireframing, UI design and graphics, concepts, HTML, CSS, logos… you name it. In a small company such as Sasken, you really have an opportunity to try out your wings and broaden your skills base. You have a chance to try anything you're interested in.

One of the best things about Sasken is the way work can be arranged flexibly. Working hours accommodate to your specific needs and your daily life. Also, the working atmosphere at Sasken is really something special and noteworthy. We have good relations between employees and everyone is treated equally. We are also a very international bunch, which I think is interesting and adds color to your working day.