For over two decades, Sasken Finland has been making significant contributions in the communication revolution with partners in Europe, US, Japan and China. At the helm of developing the latest technologies, Sasken Finland was involved in the making of the first 3G call in history

The advent of newer technologies has opened up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to innovate new solutions for a digital world. Internet of Things requires great knowledge of interoperability in EMC, antenna performance and software ecosystems. Sasken Finland has been building IoT systems from the start when it was built on GSM technology.


Open source frameworks have gained their ground in telecom business where Sasken Finland has immense expertise in embedded software development for connected devices.

Sasken Finland has executed full product program R&D for 100+ mobile handset products with conceptualization, integration, productization, production ramp up, and maintenance. Sasken Finland delivers the full R&D development of complete device and provides maintenance program.

  • Multimedia backend for video and audio streaming
  • Positioning system backend
  • Expertise in commercial multimedia streaming products on all major mobile platforms
  • Location based applications
  • Technology related solutions
  • Social media applications and integration
  • Cross-platform
  • Native Android & iOS
  • Audio tuning software
  • Advanced speech recognition
  • Noise & echo management
  • Linux development
  • RTOS & Bare metal
  • Device rooting
  • Android OS modification
  • Low power design
  • Complete product development
  • Product initiation to product development
  • Mechanics, PCB, RF, antenna and embedded electronics design and prototyping
  • Complete integration, System testing, Field testing and OTA testing
  • Conformance testing - Entire infrastructure setup
  • Product certification support
  • Mass-volume ramp-up support
  • Manufacturing through partner companies
  • Product maintenance